Design, Manufacture, Refinish

NMF has extensive capabilities, including designing most of the rolls it fabricates; analyzing them for deflection, flow rate, and temperature variation to ensure the highest performance levels; hard surfacing new rolls with 420 stainless steel using its overlay machine, thus restoring diameters on rolls that have been worn through use; and grinding rolls up to 65″ in diameter by 300″ between centers to achieve standard tolerances of .0003″ to .0005″ TIR/Straightness.

The Company has two hard chromium plating tanks, which can handle rolls that are approximately 170″ in overall length; the large tank can handle rolls up to 36” in diameter, while the smaller tank can handle rolls up to 18″ in diameter. NMF also offers a wide variety of surface finishes, from a 0-5 Ra. Optical Flawless Mirror Finish to a 250 Ra. Controlled NATMatte Finish; importantly, the Company can duplicate a specific finish, thus providing consistent product to its customers. With its acid cleaning capabilities, the Company can work on a hot spot on a roll or perform preventive maintenance on the entire roll; on average, rolls are flushed for 16 to 18 hours.


Additional services include grinding and restoration of:

  • Rams
  • Motor Rotors
  • Armatures
  • Pistons
  • Slitting Rolls
  • Coating Rolls
  • Blanket Cylinders


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